Mission: A percentage of every sale will be saved and given to local charities! The percentage and the charities will vary, updates will be found in-store and on social media. More Info...

Vision: Trolley Square Market is a refreshingly modern version of the old-timey mercantile. With a persnickety designer eye, we curate a selection of products we believe in, from people we believe in. Aesthetic, atmosphere, and artifacts.


10% of your purchase will be given to Urban Bike Project
through the month of January.

Trolley Square Market is on a mission to be a blessing to our neighbors! As part of our business model, we give a portion of every sale to local charities that serve our city well. The percentage (5-20%) and charity will vary.

Food Distribution Centers
& More

Trolley Square Market may also collect monetary donations, may feature charities for select durations, and takes part in local charitable events like silent auctions.
Charity contact: